New song lyrics!

We’ve been busy working on a couple of new songs for you guys. We’ve decided to do something different and reveal the content of one of them first. Therefore, here’s the lyrics to one of them:

Ov King and Tree

On the edge of a village
Ruled by greed of a vicious king
With an appetite for a dominant power
Where paupers long for an early grave
Where the rich sucks the life of the land
Like a vampiric plague

Girls to be slaved when they come of age
Boys to be transformed into soldiers
And filled with rage
People eating dirt to suppress the pain of hunger
While people starve
The king and his men
Dine on extravagant feast

Growing from a lifeless mound of anguish and pain
A tree’s born amongst soil claret stained
A physical manifestation of Gaia
Awoken by the cry’s of the village
Who no longer remember freedom
For the last that did, are all dead

Filled with the memory of so many souls
Scratched by the agony of shattered bones
Fed by the ashes
Tainted by dread
Preparing for the battle that lies ahead

Drawn to the tree like a bee to a hive
With the will to survive and dream of a better life
She hides within the tree
Deep beneath the bark
Safe beneath the layers
Calmed by the rhythm
Of the strong wooden heart

With the ravaging hunger
To hunt her down
They find themselves hung
Skewered and torn

When the king hears
Of the fate of his men
Suited in armour and axe in hand
Marching his way across the land

Blinded by ego
Hypnotised by power
Little did he know
It was his final hour

One by one
As all his soldiers die
He sees his throne
Crumble right before his eyes

Where once was a king
Now stands a tree
On the edge of a village
Ruled by the free
Ruled By the tree

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